Being Prepared During an Active Shooting

Local workers underwent how to be prepared in the workplace during an active shooting.

DULUTH, Minn.- Workers at Duluth City Hall underwent training learning what to do in case of an active shooter.

Duluth Police Officers say its important to stay informed, to be prepared, and don’t be scared. All workers in the city hall building went through Thursday’s training specifcally geared towards adults.

Officials say the core of the class is creating a simple plan that workers can carry out on their own incase of an emergency.

Officers gave us three main takeaways from the training.

“Having a plan of evacuating; aka run, lock down or hide or fight back if you’re in a corner and you don’t think you can secure yourself.” Duluth Police Officer Nick

Members in the class said they feel much safer and more confident, knowing everyone in the building is on the same page in case of an active shooting.

Officials say the training Thursday has been planned for months but due to the recent events it’s even more important to be prepared. For more information visit Run Hide Fight from Homeland Security.

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