HCIS Students Fundraising for Unique Field Trip

Every student is responsible for their own fundraising goal.

DULUTH, Minn.- Local students are working hard to raise money this weekend, for a once in a lifetime school field trip.

Students at the Harbor City International School in Duluth held a rummage sale to raise funds for a trip to Europe. The school rather than fundraising for technology or other tangible things, traveling outside the country will stick with students longer.

“Going on a trip, especially over seas is something that stays with you forever,” Organizer Carol Furchert said. “I have parents of course who come and they talk about their trips back when they were in high school or college or something like that and just how much of an impact it made.”

Each student is responsible for their own fundraising goal and earns money through the items they donated to the rummage sale. H-C-I-S will host its next fundraiser in the Fall.

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