Natives Against Heroin Opens Sweat Lodge for Healing in Duluth

Group Is Working to Help Addicts with Native Traditions

DULUTH, Minn. – Natives Against Heroin has opened their first sweat lodge for healing in Duluth.

Group members say too many Duluthians have died of opioid overdoses, so they’re working with local police and fire departments to help addicts.

Sweat lodges are traditional healing places and Natives Against Heroin think it’s time to rely on their culture to save lives.

“We know the epidemic is up here real strong and we’ve got to continue to fight it,” said James Cross, founder of Natives Against Heroin. “It’s that black spirit that’s stronger than us. He knows us when we’re awake, he knows when we’re angry, he knows when we’re sick, he knows when we’re depressed, he knows when we’re not on our medication, so we’ve got to continue to heal through our native culture.”

Natives Against Heroin wants to help all addicts in the community.

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