Duluth’s Golden Moment

Members of U.S.A. Mens' Curling Return Home

DULUTH, Minn- A proud day for the Northland as the U.S.A. Mens’ Curling team returns home after making history in South Korea. Capturing the nations first ever curling gold medal. No lack of drama in the teams’ run to gold and glory, as they recovered from a 2–4 record only to face a dominant team Sweden in the finals. Chisholm native John Shuster with an incredible shot in the 8th end that virtually sealed the deal and made history for the U.S.A.

“I was just so happy that I was able to get that opportunity and finish that off with the team I worked so hard at this with.”

“There’s two shots in that game where i told myself before he threw it, I was like, alright John I need you to be the man right now, let’s do it, and he made that, that was that double in three and the double in eighth and he made both of them, so.”

As for the future of u.s.a. curling, Team Shuster and company thrilled at the response their historic achievement has gained across the nation.

“There’s nothing like the Olympics, that’s when you’re up there in front of the entire world. You don’t have to search out curling to find it during the Olympics, if the U.S. team is winning there you’re going to hear it whether you want to or not, and I think people kind of got drawn into it like a snow ball going down a hill it got bigger and bigger.”

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