How to Spot Substance Abuse Warning Signs

One in three twelfth grade students report in trying marijuana according to the Minnesota Department of Health.

SUPERIOR, Wis.- The Superior Middle School transformed a number of rooms into mock drug rooms, giving community members a hands on trial at spotting warning signs.

Classrooms were transformed into mock teenage bedrooms. Community members were tasked with spotting the warning sign and potential hiding places to store drugs. Each room had up to 27 to 28 items the programs says hiding in plain sight.

“I guarantee you won’t find them all” Lake Superior Community Health Center Director Betsy Byler said. “Part of that is just trying to give some people and parents an awareness of what they’re seeing that maybe they might not notice.”

Items such as mock water bottles and highlighters ae used to store paraphernalia and drugs. Other hiding spots include pouches in clothing.

Officials also warned on–goers some products and numbers have other meanings, such as 420 and the numbers 710. Many left the mock rooms shocked.

“A lot of ‘oos’ and ‘ahhs'” Lake Superior Community Health counselor Justin Schmesing said.  “Just completely surprised at how creative drug addicts can be to conceal their drug of choice”

Officials say its important to communicate with your children and warn them about drugs. Statstics say children who are talked to regularly about drugs are %42 less likely to use them. Outside of the mock rooms information and resources were available from multiple agencies. The goal of the evening was to help provide community members with the right tools.

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