UWS Administrators’ Emails About Program Cuts Released

AFT Wisconsin Union Says Emails Prove Administration Broke Rules

SUPERIOR, Wis. – The AFT Wisconsin Workers Union has released emails which they say prove UW-Superior Administration knowingly broke rules when they suspended twenty-five academic programs last October.

The union, which some UWS faculty members are a part of, made an open records request for the emails as part of a lawsuit they were considering.

They will not follow through with the lawsuit because of cost, but they believe the emails prove the University intentionally did not consult with faculty about the program cuts even though UW policy requires it.

The union released the emails to make the public aware of the rule breaking.

“Hopefully people might be held accountable in some fashion, if not legally at least in the court of public opinion and that this might shape people’s actions in the future,” said Deb Augsburger, President of the AFT Local 6514 at UWS.

“To a lot of people, even people in the administration who weren’t involved in these particular decisions, I think they will be surprised by what’s in these emails,” added Augsburger.

UWS released the following statement about the email release:

“It was a difficult decision to suspend programs due to low enrollments and poor completion rates, and we value the input we received from faculty and staff over the past five years regarding our program array. The students currently enrolled in the suspended programs will be able to finish their degrees, and we wholeheartedly support them in that effort. Looking to the future, we will focus on the programs that have thriving enrollment, offer students the courses they want to take to meet the demands of our region, and serve our community.”

You can read the union’s press release and the emailsĀ here.


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