Community Voices Opinion on Potential Police Riot Gear

Purchasing the equipment has been put on hold until public comment has been heard.

DULUTH, Minn.- The potential purchasing of riot gear for Duluth Police Officers is an on-going controversial topic.

Wednesday night the Duluth Citizen’s Review Board and the Duluth Police Department listened in on concerns and support.

Officials with the Duluth Police Department say the riot gear would only be worn during a violent protest, not on a regular assignment. Wednesday night some community members questioned the need for such gear in the Duluth community.

Police chief Mike Tusken responded saying they want to be prepared.

Supporters of the gear say they’d feel reassured knowing officers would have the protective equipment.

“Its easy to make decisions when you have everyone nodding their head saying yes,” Duluth Police Chief Mike Tusken said. “This was an opportunity for us to get diverging opinions from our community about their concerns and hopefully answered some of those concerns.”

If purchased the Duluth Police Department would have 100 suits of riot gear. Which would cost nearly $80,000 the first year and around $45,ooo the following year.

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