Local Students Hold Peaceful Protest Asking for Change

The students at Superior Middle School held a walk-out to honor the students who were shot and killed in Florida

SUPERIOR, Wis.- Students at Stoneman Douglas High School returned to classes for the first time since the shooting massacre, Superior Middle School students made their voices heard.

The students at Superior Middle School held a walk-out to honor the students who were shot and killed in Florida. It was also a time to talk gun regulations, mental health, and school safety.

“We’re young kids, we’re not even adults,” student Lucia Fedyn said. “So we don’t know how to defend ourselves through this. We’re scared and nervous.”

“We shouldn’t have to have fear in our school and be scared to go to school, because maybe there is going to be a gun shooting,” student Alexis Schenider said.

Hundreds of Superior Middle School students marching out of class and gathering in the school’s parking lot.

Students say there’s no room for fear in their school, after the deadly school shooting in Florida.

“A lot of it is mental health,”student Jillian Burger said. “There is just a lot going on with mental health and bullying and it takes a lot for someone to take a child’s life.”

“Fix their gun control or fix the safety in schools,” Schenider said. “They should do both in my opinion.”

“A lot of people think that we want to ban guns completely but that’s not the issue,” student Natalie Balen said. “We want them to be a little more locked down and not easily accessible.”

Students tell us this type of peaceful demonstration is important, because they say their young opinions often go unheard.

“Because all of us want to stop having this issue and stop hearing about deaths,” Fedyn said.

Meanwhile school officials did not encourage the walkout, they did not discourage it, and will not discipline those who participated.

“Taking action in a positive way to see something change is a great thing,” Principal Richard Flaherty said.

“When all these kids came out here today it really meant something,” Fedyn said.

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