School Bus Driver Appreciation Day in Minnesota

Students at Duluth Edison Charter School Raleigh Academy Celebrated

DULUTH, Minn. – Today is school bus driver appreciation day in Minnesota.

Students at the Duluth Edison Charter School Raleigh Academy are going the extra mile for their favorite bus drivers.

Classrooms are making posters, thank you cards, and treat jars for their drivers who work hard every day.

“The drivers really do a great job of getting them home safely with distractions going on behind them and the noise level on the bus so it’s nice to show appreciation,” said Kristin Regas, Dean of Students at Raleigh Academy.

One first grader made a card for his bus driver, Paul, thanking him for being so funny.

“It’s not easy to be a bus driver. I mean, you’ve got to keep the bus on your own lane. You can’t get in other people’s lanes. That would just be crazy. You would be crashing, driving like a maniac,” said first grader Noah Goar.

The bus drivers were given their presents when they picked up the kids from school this afternoon.

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