Memorial Blood Centers Mark 70th Anniversary of Saving Lives

While at UMD staff say they wanted to see at least seven people per hour.

DULUTH, Minn. – For 70 years Memorial Blood Centers has been saving lives one donor at a time.

The flu and cold season has hit blood centers quite a bit.

Schools like University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD) help blood centers, because students are big time donors.

“We like to have the young people come in because they’re our future blood donors,” said Operational Lead Jean Bennett. “So we like them to get in kind of the mood and know that it’s not going to hurt and it’s not going to take up their whole day.”

The whole process from interview to getting your blood drawn takes about 45 minutes.

Officials say the need for O negative blood type is urgent.

“We also, our company, supplies the life flights into Minnesota,” said Bennett. “So that, there’s some going on that too, it’s used in all the emergencies where they might not know your blood type.”

The goal was to have at least 30 donors for the day at UMD.

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