Parents Warned About Spoofing Apps Used To Lure Children

Officials say can help make your children aware about spoofing and have a plan set up, so they don't take instructions from a stranger.

HERMANTOWN, Minn. – Hermantown Police are sounding the alarm about a new app that criminals are using to get to your kids.

The problem is called “spoofing.” That’s when someone uses an app to disguise their identity and voice all while hiding behind a fake phone number.

There are several spoofing apps you can download on a smartphone to spoof someone.

Spoofing can be done as a prank or for criminal intent.

On Feb. 27 the Hermantown Police Department responded to a spoofing call.

A girl received a call from an out of state number with a male voice and was instructed to go outside.

Although she did not authorities say that’s one example of spoofing.

“It’s tough for us to identify exactly what the situation is, how much we have to act and if it’s super serious or not,” said Commander Mark Gunderson.

Hermantown Police tell us the recent incident is the first call they’ve gotten about spoofing.

As a parent you can help prevent something like this from happening by talking to your children and monitoring their phones.

“A lot of phones have features where you can only accept calls from certain numbers,” said Chief Jim Crace. “They have phones for children. i actually was looking at one for my daughter that’s a watch. you can monitor everything on your cell phone.”

Police say spoofing is hard to figure out because subpoenas and search warrants are involved.

It can also take anywhere from a week or two to get data back from phone companies.

If you think you’re a victim of spoofing you’re asked to call 911 when it happens.

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