Students Speak Out Discussing Mental Health

This is the second year the student ran group YOUmatter, held Speak Out Night.

DULUTH, Minn.- Students in Duluth are breaking the silence on the topic of mental health.

The second annual Speak Out Night event was held at the University of Minnesota Duluth. The group, YOUmatter, was put together by students. They’re opening up the conversation about mental health and suicide in the community. Thursday YOUmatter got the conversation going, sharing experiences with mental health and ways to help others around you.

Volunteer speakers even stood up sharing personal battles with mental health.

“There’s a stigma around it and not a lot of people feel comfortable talking about,” YOUmatter president Angie P aulson said. “That’s what we’re trying to do tonight is break that awkwardness of talking about mental health because it’s something that should really be discussed.”

Various organizations that provide resources for those struggling with mental health came to Speak Out Night, supporting the student ran event. Members of you matter say they’re thankful for the resources in the Duluth area and to have the community’s support

We spoke with on student interning for Carlton County that’s providing information for a texting hotline called text4life.

“I’ve always wanted to work in human services and make an impact,” student Kelsey Reckinger said.  “It’s cool to be at these events, and to get the experience and realizing that I can make a difference in my future if i want to.”

Event-goers wore beads; each color had a different meaning to show you support the cause, know someone that battles with mental health, or that you yourself are battling.

Discussion questions were laid out on every table to help get the topic going.


-Call NAMI: 218-723-0099

-Call Birch Tree Center: 218-623-1800

-Text “Life” to 61222

-Call Essentia Health: (218) 723-0099 or 1-800-720-3334

-Amberwing Center for Youth and Well-Being: 218-355-2100

-Call St. Luke’s Mental Health:  (218) 249-5326 inpatient and (218) 249-7000 outpatient

-National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: (800) 273-8255

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