Superior High School Students Protest Against Gun Violence

Students said the protest was them also exercising their First Amendment rights.

SUPERIOR, Wisc. – Students from Superior High School took their concerns on gun violence to the streets, doubling down on similar protests that took place earlier in the week at the schools there.

A small group came together with one powerful message.

One student says she remembers hearing about school shootings in the fourth grade and she couldn’t do much back then, but now she was ready to offer support.

The students protesting expressed how the recent school shootings haven’t affected them directly, but they want to help victims and other students find their strength and voice.

“We’re helping the others that have been shot up to keep them going,” said Superior High School Student Charity Ruud. “Hey, it’s ok, this happens everywhere. We’re here for you. You’re going to get through this. It’s going to happen still, but we’re trying to stop it.”

The protest happened after a school assembly about gun violence and school shootings at Superior High School.

One sign asked the question, “Am i next?”

“All of this you’re hearing about, should we keep guns? Should we get rid of guns? Should we arm teachers? The first step is to be kind to the people that you know and the people you don’t know,” said Superior High School Student Abigail Bourque. “And the bullying needs to stop, because that’s a lot of it too.”

Students told us they are aware of the consequences about skipping class but don’t feel they should be punished.


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