Threat at Denfeld High School Could Mean Consequences for Student

Police Do Not Believe There's Any Remaining Threat at Denfeld

DULUTH, Minn. – A student has been identified in connection to a threat of a shooting at Duluth’s Denfeld High School.

Classes were not cancelled Monday. Police and the school district felt there was no intent to carry out the threat.

On Friday, a Denfeld High School student was overheard by another student talking about shooting up the school. It wasn’t until Sunday night that police and the school district became aware of the threat.

Early Monday morning, a student admitted to making the threat but told police this was all just a case of “messing around.”

That student could be charged with making Threats of Violence and could face legal consequences.

“After we identify who the student is we would submit any investigative reports to the St. Louis County Attorney’s Office so they could review if there’s any possible charges that could come from this incident,” said Lt. Dan Chicos of the Duluth Police Department.

In response to the threat, Denfeld High School was open on Monday with an increased police presence.

“They told us there was going to be cops at every door so it wasn’t really a big deal I guess, we still wanted to go,” said Mackenzie Ruhnke, a Denfeld junior.

“I wasn’t too worried because it was taken pretty seriously and the authorities were notified about it so I didn’t really think anything was going to happen,” said Kaylee Chapman, another Denfeld junior.

Some students left early telling us many of their classmates didn’t show up for school.

They were told if they had parental permission they could leave, as very little got done in classes.

“I feel like a lot of people just do this as a joke but it’s not actually that funny,” said Ruhnke.

Though the Duluth School District is confident there was no intent to carry out this threat, law enforcement urges students and parents to report any threats in the future.

“Any information that we can get is going to be, especially in a timely manner, is going to be extremely critical for us to be able to take action,” said Lt. Chicos.

The Duluth School District says the incident was a serious violation of law and school policy.

School leaders say even if charges aren’t filed, the student who made the threat will face disciplinary consequences.

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