Duluth Coffee Company Giving Coffee Lovers Coffee Cupping Experience

Duluth Coffee Company is located at 105 East Superior Street in downtown Duluth.

DULUTH, Minn. – You won’t look at coffee the same way after taking part in a coffee cupping experience at the Duluth Coffee Company.

Coffee cupping is a method used to rate coffee.

For Duluth Coffee Company the process lets them pay homage to coffee’s origin while also brewing coffee properly.

Once you step into the cupping lab it involves very thorough smelling and tasting.

“It creates a personality within the coffee. it creates an experience for consumers to really understand that coffee comes from a cherry origin and there’s thousands of people involved in the process from origin to our roasting and then finally to that cup of coffee their drinking,” said Duluth Coffee Company Manager Sam Levar.

You can do some coffee cupping  every Thursday at Duluth Coffee Company 3 p.m.

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