Second-Highest March Lake Superior Water Levels

Higher water levels creates some risk for damage

DULUTH, Minn. – With more perpetration in the great lakes region over the last few months, Lake Superior, along with the other Great Lakes, are seeing higher than the average water levels. According to a report from the Army Corps of Engineers, levels are more than a foot higher than they were compared to last year.

“It’s high, but right now it’s not at a point where we’ve never seen this before, we’ve certainly seen Lake Superior at higher levels in the past,” Minnesota Sea Grant’s Jesse Schomberg said. “We know that these high lake levels can certainly cause problems for folks, but again, we haven’t quite reached the stage where we’ve never seen this before.”

With higher water levels, some Park Pointers might notice more water in their basements and in their storm drains if a severe weather event were to happen while levels are high. However, the lake levels are expected to decrease slightly by the end of this month.

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