Hibbing Courthouse Removes Ten Commandments Plaque

Plaque Had Been On Display For Decades

HIBBING, Minn.-  St. Louis County officials have removed the Ten Commandments plaque from inside Hibbing Courthouse, which as been on display for decades.

According to County Administrator Kevin Gray, the decision was made after a complaint from a non-profit group called Freedom From Religion Foundation.

“We received a letter last month from the Freedom From Religion Foundation.  After careful consideration, a determination was made to remove the plaque from public display.  As you might presume, the law and norms have developed considerably since the plaque was initially installed decades ago. The County Attorney’s Office researched applicable law including relevant Federal Supreme Court decisions on this topic, which contributed to the decision to direct Property Management to remove the plaque earlier this week.  Removal of the plaque was scheduled during a time that would have the least disruption to courtroom and other courthouse activities,” Gray said.

In the past, U.S Supreme Courts have ruled in favor of the Commandments being removed from government properties and buildings, so the decision was made to take down the plaque to avoid any legal action.

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