Making Fresh Food Accessible in Lincoln Park

The community is reviewing past efforts to turn the "food desert" around.

DULUTH, Minn.- In recent years the Lincoln Park community has been aiming to make fresh foods more accessible.

The area was deemed a food desert, meaning there’s no grocery story within 1.5 miles, but community members say progress has been made. Nearly five years ago a campaign was launched to help create better access to healthy food in Lincoln Park. On Wednesday community members evaluated how far they have come.

Members say thanks to the funding the access has improved.

Now the community is home to the Harrison Food Market. Other changes include a route, provided by the Duluth Transit Authority, leading directly to Super One Foods.

“I’m excited we have got as much accomplished as we have,” Carol Perkins said. “To see somethings that actually have come to end and will stay and be permanent, and there’s always going to be need.”

Member say these programs will remain in place and the group will continue to address food issues in Lincoln Park and around Duluth

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