Diamond Factory Gets New Life

Diamond Factory Shutdown in Late July

CLOQUET, Minn.-In late July, the Cloquet community was dealt a huge blow when a manufacturer of Diamond brand products shutdown.

The factory had been there since 1904 and had built up a solid workforce of nearly 90 employees. Now the factory has a new owner which brings with it some new life.

City leadership say it’s a good sign that new businesses are moving in there, but there are still many more opportunities available for local businesses who are interested in revitalizing the facility.

Holly Hansen, community development director for Cloquet, said there is an incredible amount of square footage in the building, which offers a very unique opportunity whether that’s for a smaller incubator type of manufacturing spaces or warehousing storage, which is in huge demand right now in the region.

Right now an accounting business and a cold storage facility is also located at the site.

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