Northland Mines Expect Positive Impact from Tariffs

Officials say the tariffs will create a level playing field for mines in Minnesota.

DULUTH, Minn.- President Trump’s decision about steel and aluminum tariffs is bringing a lot of mixed reaction from the Northland.

Mines in the Northland are expecting the steel and aluminum tariffs to have a positive affect in Minnesota.  Officials say Minnesota produces %85 of the domestic iron For the united state the tariffs could possibly bring more jobs to mines in the Northland.  Officials with the Iron Mining Association of Minnesota are hoping business will grow after the tariff unlike recent years. Currently the six open mines are running a smaller operation. The tariffs could bring the mines back in full swing.

“They actually have been operating with a skinnier and leaner system because of the lack of these tariffs and the imposition of these imports,”  Iron Mining Association of Minnesota president Kelsey Johnson said.

Officials say the tariffs would level the playing field for Northland mines, that cannot compete with the prices of overseas steel. Once the tariffs are in place more idle companies could possibly begin operating again.

“Primarily I do think this will benefit Northeast Minnesota, but I don’t have a crystal ball when it comes to this,” Johnson said. “I do think it will benefit this overall area, we have been operating at a net lost.”

The Iron Mining Association says when steel and iron mines are booming the economy is booming. This is an exciting time for the Minnesota Mining association.

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