Coffee Cupping Will Have You View Coffee In A New Way

Duluth Coffee Company has open cupping sessions Thursdays at 3 p.m.

DULUTH, Minn. – How do you prefer your coffee?

Maybe you’ve never thought too much about the brewing, roasting or origin of coffee.

Well Duluth Coffee Company lets you go beyond what’s in your cup and experience coffee in a new way.

You won’t look at coffee the same way after you’ve done coffee cupping for the first time.

It’s a method used to rate coffee and you can try it right here in Duluth.

“To us, it’s really to pay homage to origin and talk and brew coffee in the proper way,” said Duluth Coffee Company Manager Sam Levar.

Coffee cupping has taken Duluth Coffee Company all over the world.

Employees have gone on sourcing and origin trips to places like Costa Rica, Guatemala and Colombia just to name a few.

“Each origin has it different characteristic and profile and that’s what we like to focus on. it’s single origin coffee,” said Levar.

Once you step into the cupping lab a variety of coffee awaits.

“We do most of our production roasting on Mondays and Tuesdays as well,” said Levar. “We do it weekly to maintain fresh coffee within the market.”

There are three steps for coffee cupping:

  1. Smell the coffee
  2. Break the crust and smell the wet aroma
  3. Taste the coffee.

There was a time when Justin Steinbach of Vista Fleet and Lake It drank two pots of coffee daily, he’s now down to about three cups a day.

He’s partnering up with Duluth Coffee Company this season to sell their coffee in his retail stores.

“The quality that they put into bringing it from the source to Duluth here is unheard of,” said Steinbach.

Steinbach was more drawn to the Papa Guinea and Colombian roast.

“It’s enough where it’s between a medium to a dark to me, so it’s got great taste, but it’s not bitter and it’s got a great suttleness to it,” said Steinbach.

Using this flavor wheel helps you rate the coffee to your liking.

“We try to be objective as possible and let the partners and consumer make that final decision,” said Levar.

After doing some cupping you just may be a coffee connoisseur and have a better understanding of the coffee production process.

Duluth Coffee Company is located at 105 East Superior Street in downtown Duluth.

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