Runa Yoga Opening in Duluth

The new studio offers free meditation once a month.

DULUTH, Minn.-  A new yoga studio in Duluth called Runa Yoga is offering unique classes for everyone.

Owners at Runa Yoga say they strive on being community and accessibility. Classes for kids are offered and free meditations once a month. Each session is classified on a scale of one to three which owners compare to a ski hill scale. One equaling a green route and three a black diamond. The history behind the name is a story itself.

“We are full of Viking history, and it means secret lore or secret knowledge,” co–owner Jessi Erickson said. “So everyone comes to their yoga mat with their own story and sort of works through it on their own and we’re just here to guide you through it.”

The studio will host a full day of free yoga for its grand opening on Thursday March 15th. For more information visit Runa Yoga.

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