Policy Change: Duluth Police Allowed To Sport Beards — With Conditions

For 120 Years, Officers Could Only Sport A Mustache Or Clean-Shaven Look

DULUTH, Minn. – What turned out to be a facial-hair fundraiser for local non-profits this past November has turned into a permanent policy that now allows Duluth police officers to sport beards from here on out.

This change in policy is truly historic because for the last 120 years officers could only sport a mustache or a clean-shaven look.

But after a successful November, a group of officers proposed a beard policy change to Duluth Police Chief Mike Tusken, who ultimately accepted.

Below is the word-for-word policy for beard-wearing officers:

Facial Hair:

Mustaches shall be neatly trimmed.

Mustaches shall not:

extend below the top of the upper lip;

extend below the corners of the mouth;

be worn in “handlebar” or drooping type of style

Sworn personnel are permitted to have a clean, well-groomed, and neatly trimmed beard or goatee. Facial hair must be a minimum of 1/4 inch (6mm) but may not exceed 3/4 inch (18mm) in length. Facial hair is not permitted below the Adam’s apple and all beards/goatees must include a mustache. Patchy or spotty clumps of facial hair are not considered beards and therefore are not permissible. Personnel issued a gas mask or respirator are responsible for ensuring that a proper and effective seal can be made with their equipment. The Chief and/or their designee shall have final say on whether facial hair is in compliance with these standards.

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