Upcoming Topics at Capitol Days

Capitol days starts on Tuesday, March 13th.

DULUTH, Minn.- Tuesday is Capitol Days as Duluth and St. Louis County will head to St. Paul discussing local issues.

Over 500 community members and local officials are bringing a voice for the Northland to St. Paul. The city will be asking for $10 million towards rehabilitation of the sea wall. Officials are also seeking approval for the half percent sales tax increase to improve roads. But with the republican party taking up majority of the House and Senate officials are voicing concerns.

“Republicans typically do not smile upon requests for additional taxes,” Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce President/CEO David Ross said. “So we have an uphill struggle to get them to approve this additional tax.”

Officials say receiving approval of the street improvement program is their primary focus.

Meanwhile St. Louis County is hoping to update the Depot; seeking  $5.74 million for exterior repairs, a new roof, and an HVAC system. Other requests help shortages in crisis programs and supportive housing, to help those suffering from mental illness, $50 million towards long term supportive housing. A separate $30 million towards stabilization beds for short term housing programs.

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