“The Harbinger” Movie to Be Shot in Chisholm

$2 Million Film to Bring More Than 100 Jobs to the Iron Range

CHISHOLM, Minn. – “I found out that Chisholm Minnesota in the movie Field of Dreams was actually shot in Illinois,” said Director/Writer Will Klipstine. “I was like even that wasn’t shot in Chisholm, we’ve got to change that.”

A movie is being made on the Iron Range. “The Harbinger” will start shooting next month at Ironbound Studios in the basement of the Chisholm City Hall.

That film is expected to bring more than a hundred jobs to the Iron Range and pump millions of dollars into the local economy.

Something big is happening in Chisholm.

“Our production Hollywood wise is small, Minnesota wise is pretty big,” said producer Steven Reed.

“The Harbinger” is a $2 million feature film.

“The best way to sum this up without giving spoilers is paranormal Hitchcock,” described Klipstine.

It demands the largest set ever built in Minnesota.

“Where can we build a tunnel, a cave, and a crypt and nine interiors for the entire film and I walked in here and I was like ‘what, how come no one else knows this is here?”‘ said Klipstine.

The filmmakers tell us Ironbound Studios is the largest studio space in North America.

“We’re looking for local people no matter their skill level to bring them on board and we’ve had quite a few walk-ins which is great,” said Reed.

Chisholm native Danny Feltus was an out of work laborer until he happened on the movie being shot in his hometown.

“I was sitting at home and saw a guy shoveling the steps off and I went and gave him a hand and one thing led to another and here I am,” said Feltus.

Feltus now works as a carpenter on a Hollywood movie and hopes he can use his skills working on future projects.

“It’s like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,” said Feltus. “It was good timing, definitely needed.”

Filmmakers hope their movie’s success will inspire more Minnesota tax incentives to come so the industry can take off on the Iron Range.

“It’s not three famous actors and a famous producer, it’s a hundred fifteen people that nobody ever sees that work really hard and are overworked and underpaid that make a movie,” said Reed.

It will be many months before “The Harbinger” reaches theaters but the production has already created some lifetime memories.

“You don’t have to live in a big name town to do big things,” said Feltus.

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