Governor Dayton Gives Final State of the State

Gov. Dayton addresses health care, education, and encourages diversity.

DULUTH, Minn.- Governor Mark Dayton gave his last State of the State Address highlighting education, taxes, and healthcare. 

Gov. Dayton announced nearly 80,000 students are now attending all day kindergarten. The University of Minnesota  will not be increasing tuition, due to an extra $10 million of state funding.

Gov. Dayton said law makers have a decision to make, stating they can side with the NRA who strongly oppose the common sense solution or the school children of Minnesota who are begging us for it.

“I solute all of the Minnesota students who took a stand today and marched to tell us adults that they need safe schools,” Gov. Dayton said.

 Gov. Dayton said he will sign any legislation to reduce gun violence in the state the minute it reaches his desk.

Meanwhile over 100,000 thousand Minnesotans dropped health care this year. Gov. Dayton showed support for the Minnesota Care By In, saying creates competition for insurers.  The Governor said Minnesota is becoming more diverse, but it can always better working with diversity, and we need to educate people who resist change.

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