Fading Wolf Population to be Restored at Lake Superior Park

Isle Royal Wolves

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (AP) – Federal officials have tentatively decided to transport 20-30 gray wolves to Isle Royale National Park in Michigan over the next three years to replenish a population that has nearly died out because of inbreeding and disease.

The National Park Service said Friday it will make a final decision in 30 days, after the public has had an opportunity to review a new environmental statement that endorses the restoration plan.

Wolves made their way to the Lake Superior island in the late 1940s.

Since then, they have played a valuable role in keeping the moose population in check and have become a cherished symbol of the remote wilderness outpost.

But the wolves’ numbers have fallen drastically in recent years.

Only two are believed to remain, posing a danger of moose overpopulation.

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