Twin Ports JOYRIDE Program Offers Safe Ride Options For Patrons

Vouchers are $7 if the cab ride is more than $7 the patron covers the balance.

DULUTH, Minn. – This year St. Paddy’s Day falls on a Saturday and several local businesses are a part of the Twin Ports JOYRIDE Program helping people get home safe.

One of them is Bent Paddle Brewing Company in Duluth.

Bent Paddle joined the program in 2016 and promotes safe and sober driving.

If the beer tenders see someone who needs assistance they can give patrons with the joyride voucher a discounted fare so the guest can have a ride home.

“It’s incredibly important,” said Bent Paddle Brewing Company Co-founder Laura Mullen. “I live and drive in Duluth at all hours of the day and I want safe roads as everyone does. So the more that we can paddle responsibly the better.”

In the first year almost 300 joyrides were given out.

Not all establishments participate in the Twin Ports JOYRIDE Program.

For a full list click here.

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