Knowing Your Neighbors: Spring at Last Greenhouse

One greenhouse in Duluth is gearing up for warmer days ahead

DULUTH, Minn. – The first day of spring has gardeners and plant lovers excited.

But it’s still a little too chilly to start moving our plants outside.

One greenhouse in Duluth is gearing up for warmer days ahead.

“Here, it just seems like everybody’s happy,” says Jennifer Couillard, owner of Spring at Last Greenhouse.

“Most of the stuff that’s grown here is suited for this area,” Couillard explains. “That’s why we like to grow things from seed here and not ship in a bunch of stuff from Mexico or Texas, where it’s warm. So the stuff that we have here is suited for this weather.”

But this hasn’t been her job for long; she left the dental field to take over ownership of Cummings Greenhouse – now known as Spring at Last – just about a year ago.

“We’re pretty well known for our geraniums,” Couillard said. “We have some of the best geraniums in town.  And our baskets do very well, especially with Mothers’ Day coming up.”

It’s a decision that’s already brought a lot of good feelings for Jennifer and her family.

“It does wonders for your soul,” she says, smiling. “All my employees, that’s what they say; that’s why they love to work here. They love the smells and seeing green things grow at this time of year.”

The greenhouse’s previous owner did work with the Spring at Last crew to give them the best advice for the growing seasons ahead.

“This year we’re trying to keep on with what she’s taught us,” Couillard said. “We’re also trying to bring some new things.”

More space, more variety, and although the rich colors aren’t all there yet, Jennifer says her favorite part of the job is checking on each seedling’s progress.

“When we seed them they’re in a flat with a clear cover,” Couillard said. “Every day I get to look under those covers. It’s the best thing. If they’re starting to sprout, I can take the cover off.  That’s my favorite part of the morning is checking those trays to see if anything is coming up.”

Spring at Last is located at 4112 W. Arrowhead Road in Duluth.

The greenhouse will open for business in on May 4, but until then there is a lot of work to do, and there are a lot of happy vibes with the people helping these plants to grow.

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