‘The Haitian Temptation’ Back In Action

Duluth Professional Boxer Al Sands Heads for Training Camp in Canada

DULUTH, Minn- It’s been nearly 3 months to the day since ‘The Haitian Temptation’ Al Sands returned home from his WBO title fight over in Russia. Never one to stand still long, Sands is already back in action packing his bags for Canada as he heads for yet another intense training camp with a heavy weight fighter. Sands, who fights at cruiserweight, trained in a similar situation last year in the Ukraine and likes what the size difference can do for his preparation.

Al Sands, “We’re going to be sparring 2–3 days a week, and it’s going to be heavy sparring, so we’re really going to be able to push each other.”

While nothing is set in stone, it’s safe to say Sands plans for the summer involve just as many bright lights as last December.

Al Sands, “We’re still waiting for everything to be confirmed before we really blast that out, but yes, we have a very big fight coming up, a very big fight in the books, and uh, it’s going to be one that everyone is not going to want to miss.”

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