Ashland County Rejects Wrongful Death Claim

Ashland County Board rejects $9.5 million wringful death claim from Jason Pero's family.

ASHLAND, Wis. (AP) – The Ashland County Board has rejected a $9.5 million wrongful death claim from the family of a 14-year-old boy who was fatally shot by a sheriff’s deputy.

Sheriff’s deputy Brock Mrdjenovich killed Jason Pero after he was called to the Bad River Indian Reservation to deal with an individual walking down the street with a knife last November.

Prosecutors determined the fatal shooting was justified following an investigation by the state Department of Justice.

A claim is often a precursor to a lawsuit against a government body.

Ashland County Corporate Counsel Matthew Anich says the claimants have a six-month statute of limitations in which to file a lawsuit.

The Ashland Daily Press says the boy’s parents, Holly Gauthier and Jason Pero, allege the state and sheriff’s department failed to properly train the deputy in the use of deadly force.

According to the Ashland County Sheriff’s Department today was sheriff’s deputy Brock Mrdjenovich last day with the Sheriff’s Office. He has taken a new job with another law enforcement agency.


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