St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office Shares Results of Text to 911 System

Once a text message comes in authorities are already working to locate the person who sent the message.

DULUTH, Minn. – The Text to 911 system has been working well for the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office after being introduced just three months ago.

The department receives an average of two emergency text messages a day.

When a message comes through it shows up on a dashboard with location coordinates.

The coordinates are then placed into a mapping system to try to locate the person.

Most of the messages the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office have seen are domestic complaints.

“Once the information is there our call takers and our dispatchers are already working to get the appropriate level of service to the caller or the texter in this case,” said St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office Communications Supervising Deputy Jason Lukovsky.

You’re urged to call if you can and text if you can’t.

“There certainly are instances by someone speaking they’re not going to, or they may be putting themselves at risk. So having the ability to text is a nice option.”

Authorities can better pin point your location more accurately with a voice call.

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