Maple Syrup Season Begins

Maple Syrup Season Goes From March to April

DULUTH, Minn.-With the spring thaw in full bloom, that means it’s time to start tapping those maple trees.

One local farmer from Hoffbauer Farm said he started a few weeks ago, once the ground started to thaw.

He said the general time of the year to do it is from March to April to get that syrup flowing.

He also said there’s been a lot of new tappers coming forward over the past few years, and it’s becoming a booming business in the region that takes a lot of hard work.

“The taste is so much better and when people understand what goes into it, 40 gallons of sap for one gallon of syrup, they appreciate it a little more,” said Doug Hoffbauer of Hoffbauer Farms.

Over at Denny’s Ace Hardware in Woodland, they have tapped into the maple syrup spirit by selling equipment for those wanting to do it.

They said the activity has never been more popular, even for young people.

“We have seen a lot of families coming in, where young families want to get their kids making maple syrup,” said Rick Fisher, who works customer service at Denny’s Ace Hardware.

Staff at the store said customers who come in will be able to buy all sorts of equipment, especially for beginners.

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