Volunteers Needed to Help Preserve Veterans’ Stories

Volunteers will conduct one-on-one interviews recording a veteran's history.

DULUTH, Minn.- Veterans in Duluth are willing to share their stories and volunteers are needed to listen.

The St. Louis County Historical Society is asking for good listeners to conduct oral history interviews with veterans from all military branches. Volunteers will be partnered up with a veteran for a one–on–one listening session.

One veteran says many can be hesitant to share their experiences.

“Well I’ve been on this Veteran’s Advisory Committee for a number of years and its taken some recruitment from staff,” chair of the Veterans Advisory Committee Dennis Hughes said.  “Because I didn’t think my story was that important; and then you really reveal different things, and it brings out different emotions, and actually a good reflection.”

Volunteers must take a training session to learn how to conduct interviews and use equipment. The interviews will be recorded to preserve their history for years to come.

“It keeps a record of their voice, their story. It’s not just reading a newspaper article where it’s kind of someone else’s voice writing it,” Veteran’s Memorial program assistant Pippi Mayfeild said. “This is their actual voice telling the story.”

Training will take place on Friday, April 6th in The Depot at 506 W. Michigan St., Duluth, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. To sign up to be a volunteer or share your story call 218.733.7586.

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