Essentia Health Proposes New Condensed Medical Campus

The project will be a public-private partnership.

DULUTH, Minn.- Essentia Health is seeking a large amount of public investment to create a new Medical District in downtown Duluth.

Essentia calls the project Vision Northland, and now they’re taking a proposal to Minnesota Legislature to get that funding.  Essentia’s investing $800 million private in the project and seeking $184 million from state infastructure money in the legislature. An advisory board of elected officials, including Essentia representatives will oversee plans.

The CEO of Essenta Dr. David Herman says the current medical center is outdated.

“We hope to make the care that they receive much more conventient and in an environment that’s more condusive to healing,” Herman said.

Officials say..its the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. Meanwhile moving locations opens up room for nearly one billion dollars in private development for the city, as more space would be available downtown.

“We’re excited for the opportunities this may afford us to put some really good quality housing in there,” Chief Administrative Officer Dave Montgomery said.

Development could provide housing for St. Luke’s and Essentia’s medical talent, which officails say both have a need for. Currently St. Luke’s is not included in the bill, but we’re told they’re communicating. This bill is expected to mold over time, but the key goal will remain for the Medical District.

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