Gov. Dayton Asking to Extend Pre-K Funding for Years to Come

Republicans Believe a Funding Decision Should Wait Until a New Governor is Elected

DULUTH, Minn. – Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton wants to ensure that the state keeps providing preschool programs after he leaves office, but republicans are pushing back.

Last year, he got lawmakers to boost up founding to voluntary pre-school by $50 million, but that money will lapse in 2019.

Now Dayton is asking legislators to extend that funding for years to come.

If that doesn’t happen, a school district like the one in Duluth would lose out on more than $100,000 in funding for its pre-k programs.

“I’m really advocating that if we are going to be putting money into early childhood programs that that’s sustainable money that stays there,” said Amy Starzecki, Assistant Superintendent of Duluth Public Schools. “It would be very devastating to pull that money back after we’ve hired staff and created those programs.”

Republicans believe a funding decision should wait until a new governor is elected.

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