Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center’s Newest and Youngest Lifetime Member

9 year old saves up $1,000 to become a Life time member of the Lake Superior Maritime Museum.

DULUTH, Minn.- Evin Poquette lives in Hayward. He has loved boats since he was 4 years old.

The nicknamed ‘boat nerd’ visits the Lake Superior Maritime Visitor Center so often that two years ago he decided to start saving up to become a lifetime member.

Instead of birthday presents, Evin would ask for money towards his membership. He even mowed his grandmother’s lawn to make a few bucks.

Now that he has finally reached his goal he has saved up a thousand dollars to become a life time member of the Maritime Museum.

“I like ships so much and I want to be a ship captain when I grow up” said Evin.

Evin’s role model? Eric Treece, a Great Lakes ship captain. Evin and his parents have even corresponded with Treece over Facebook.

Evin hopes to attend the Maritime Academy when he’s older and go on to become a captain on a salty.

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