New Studies Show Art Plays Large Impact on the Economy

Artists on the Iron Range are gathering to help further creativity.

CHISHOLM, Minn.- Artists on the Iron Range are banning together tapping into their creativity as a community.

Art comes in all forms from paintings to plays, but artists on the Iron Range are discussing how creatively effects the future of the economy. 

“Every community; every town, every neighborhood has artists and that this is a wonderful under tapped asset,” Springboard for the Arts executive director Laura Zabel said.

Studies show over 3,000 people on the Iron Range are creative workers

“There’s just so many artists on the Range that are chopping at the bit to work with each other and meet each other,” Arrowhead Regional Arts Council executive director Drew Digby said. 

Art and culture organizations on the Iron Range generate over $12 million a year in economic impact

“I think more and more people are realizing the importance of arts for the economy,” Digby said. 

The Cool and Creative Get Together hosts local artists to get ideas flowing. Many communities are rebuilding downtown areas through public art.

“It’s just become a gathering point for people in the community and people are looking at it going we need to do more of that,” Digby said. 

To further involvement artists are looking towards other community’s programs, such as Grand Rapids.  The Cool and Creative Get Together is offering up $15,000 in grants.  The goal is to help connect people.  Local artists may receive up to $5,000.

“I think it’s exciting to think about how the region can really build a name for itself and let more people know about all the great work that’s happening here,” Zabel said. 

Officials say creating more art in the region, will improve the quality of life.

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