Duluth K.E.Y Zone Program Keeps Kids Active During Spring Break

K.E.Y Zone is an After School Porgram Collaboration Between Duluth YMCA and Duluth Public Schools.

DULUTH, Minn. – Kids may not have school this week, but parents still have work.

Luckily the K.E.Y Zone program makes life a little easier for those working parents.

K.E.Y Zone is an after school program available to any student, kindergarten through fifth grade, attending any of the nine Duluth elementary schools.

It is a collaborative between the Duluth YMCA and Duluth Public Schools.

K.E.Y stands for knowledge, enrichment, and youth development – providing a way for students to keep their minds active while also have a good time.

“We do a tone of academic enrichment activities, tons of mentoring and homework help, plus a bunch of outside time and active time and fun time too,” says K.E.Y Zone Site Coordinator Abby Zelinske.

The program is extremely helpful for parents who work full time that may not be able to pick up their children immediately after school, especially during spring break week.

The program works to keep children enriched even on vacation.

For more information about the K.E.Y Zone Program you can visit www.duluthymca.org.

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