Healthy Vibes Provides Nutritional Fast Food

The family owned restaurant provides community members with nutritional plans.

CHISHOLM-Minn.- Healthy Vibes is a family owned shop, giving the community nutritional help.

Leo Lambert and his wife are the owners of Healthy Vibes.

“People can come in and get what we call a healthy burger fries and shake,” Leo said.

The most popular items on the menu, are dessert flavored smoothies packed with high nutritional value.

“You can’t always excise bad nutrition is what it amounts to,” Leo said. “You need good food.”

To fit in with Northland weather, the shop¬†even provides smoothies hot, when it snows. But it’s more than just a healthy meal option, owners are dedicated to helping community members reach their goals.

“There’s people who want to lose weight; there’s people who want to gain weight, they can come here, and we sit down and we figure out a nutrition plan, a meal plan for them,” Leo said.

Leo says helping community members is more than just business.

“I love seeing people, I love helping them, but its cheaper for them to do it at home than come in here and make it for them,” Leo said.

Leo has even demonstrated to customers, how he perfects the food. Meanwhile some customers prefer to come in and enjoy the environment.  One woman suffered a medical emergency two years ago.

“My stomach blew out, it had already blew out and above my heart was ready to go,” regular customer Judith Esler said.

Judith says the only thing she could stomach are the smoothies.

“I would not be here because I lived on this for two months,” Judith said.

Her health is back on track, but their trips to Healthy Vibes remain essential.

“This is what kept me going and to this day,” Judith said. “This is what I do and if it wasn’t for Leo I would not.”

Leo says the health club has become his new hobby since he retired.


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