Northland Celebrates Local Volunteers on National Service Day

Tuesday, April 3rd marks the sixth year Duluth is honoring our volunteers.

DULUTH, Minn. – Tuesday, April 3rd is dedicated to the volunteers with Vista and AmeriCorps; serving in schools, non–profits and local government organizations in the Northland.

Over 550 AmeriCorps volunteers are serving here in the Duluth community. Tuesday, April 3rd marks the sixth year Duluth is honoring our volunteers. AmeriCorps is a federal national service program. Various groups are right here in the Northland. The True North AmeriCorps program serves over 112 children. Senior Corps are volunteers over the age of 55, incorporating their job skills in community programs. A Minnesota Green Corp focuses on environmental help within the community and to help educate students, volunteers join the Reading and Math Corp.

“So people might say it’s a cynical world or it’s a polarized world,” Corporation for National Community Service program officer David Kreft said. “You’re a response to that and you’re a positive response to that. You’re making a difference and for that I want to say thank you.”

Local officials say programs such as Imagine Canal Park, would not have happened without these volunteer services.

“Helping to strengthen communities and making our communities better places to live, and meet the most pressing needs in our communities,”

Local officials are reminding volunteers of how crucial their work is to the community, and asks the public to do so as well. AmeriCorps provides volunteer services in more than 50 thousand locations each year, and they’re being honored today in many ways across the country.

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