Trees Are Tapped For Sap, It’s Maple Syrup Season

Wisconsinites Are Collecting And Boiling Sap For A Sweet Treat

KELLY, Wis. — Trees are tapped and sap is running with these below freezing nights and warmer days. 100 maple trees are dripping sap for Gregg Johnson and John Barnes to collect. They tap not only hard maple, but also soft maples. Spending 2 hours each Spring day, they collect and boiling sap to make maple syrup.

“It takes about 40 to 1 gallons to make a gallon of syrup. and it changes, some trees have a higher sugar content, every tree is different.” explained Johnson. “We don’t add anything. It’s just basically boiling it down and filtering and that’s what makes maple syrup.”

“You don’t even have to boil it down if you don’t want. You can just drink it, kind of like maple tea.” says Johnson. “Spring-tonic, is what some people call it. Just drink it cold and it’s actually very delicious.”

Most prefer to collect and boil into a maple syrup. But you need to know the right signs to look for when boiling. Johnson says, “Probably almost everybody has burnt the syrup in their pan once or twice. It happened to me once and it’s not a fun thing (laughs).”

Johnson has been doing this for 30 years now.

“It’s just fun being out in the woods, it’s nice and quiet out here. We get a few visitors off and on and it’s just fun being in the woods.”

If you want to know more about this delicious Spring time hobby, what to look for in the boiling process or where to find the supplies to collect and make your own maple syrup, click the video above.

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