China Vows ‘Counterattack’ on Trump Tariffs

Trump has Instructed the U.S. Trade Representative to Consider an Additional $100 Billion in Tariffs on Chinese Goods.
(AP Photo/Andy Wong)

WASHINGTON (AP) – China’s government says it will “counterattack with great strength” if President Donald Trump goes ahead with plans to raise U.S. tariffs on an additional $100 billion worth of Chinese goods.

A Commerce Ministry spokesman said Friday that negotiations were impossible after Trump responded to Beijing’s protests about his earlier plan to raise duties on $50 billion of Chinese goods by announcing still more possible tariff hikes.

The spokesman, Gao Feng, said at a news conference: “If the U.S. side announces the list of products for $100 billion in tariffs, the Chinese side has fully prepared and will without hesitation counterattack with great strength.”

Gao gave no details of what measures Beijing might take.

Gao said, “under these circumstances, the two sides cannot possibly conduct any negotiations about this issue.”

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