MnDOT Seeks Adopt a Highway Volunteers

Currently 1,719 Segments of Roadway are Available for Adoption.

ST. PAUL, Minn. – MnDOT is looking for Adopt a Highway volunteers to join the existing 4,100 groups and 16,000 people who help reduce litter along the roadsides throughout the state.

The program was an estimated $6 million benefit in 2017 according to MnDOT.

“Volunteers pick up litter, keep the roadways beautiful and save taxpayers money,” said Ann McLellan, statewide Adopt a Highway manager. “When our volunteers are out cleaning the roadway ditches, MnDOT crews use their time to build and maintain our highways. It’s a win-win for all and it shows that Minnesotans care about their state.”

Currently, 1,719 segments of roadway are available for adoption.

“Most of the available segments are in Greater Minnesota. In the Twin Cities area, there are nine segments available,” said McLellan.

Volunteers are asked to commit to the program for two years and pick up litter on both sides of the roadways at least twice a year.

Individuals and groups who want to volunteer should go to to find their local area program coordinator.

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