Duluth Police Investigate Vehicle Vandalism After Bulldog Celebration

Police Blocked off Part of Lake Avenue For About 45 Minutes As Crowd Celebrated

Excitement from the UMD Bulldog’s Men’s Hockey NCAA National Championship game spilled out onto the street in Canal Park late Saturday night.

Duluth Police say they responded to a large crowd on South Lake Avenue between Buchanan and Morse Street as the crowd was blocking the street.

South Lake Avenue was shut down, and diverted Park Point traffic for about 45 minutes. Police say no arrests were made, one one was injured.

Police are investigating damage done to a vehicle that was passing through the area at the time. The driver tells FOX 21 that a group of people climbed on top of her car as she attempted to drive through the area. The roof of the car is now heavily caved in.

Duluth Police say most of the crowd was well-behaved.


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