Out with the Old, In with the Juul

A small electronic cigarette has become the newest fad

DULUTH, Minn.- A new craze is making its way through the Midwest called ‘juuling.’

Juul’s are a type of electronic, re-chargeable cigarette that is claimed to provide a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes.

One Juul ‘pod’, the attachment which contains the nicotine, is equivalent to one pack of cigarettes.

“These are specifically made to help people quit smoking with their higher nicotine content verses a box mod e–cig that you’d get or a stick mod” said Reid Dahlen, an employee at Smoke Shop and E-cigs.

At this point the majority of sales at this smoke shop is coming from Juul sales over any other products in the store.

In recent months Duluth city councilors have taken a stand against some tobacco products where they will restrict the sale of flavored tobacco products to smoke shops in the coming weeks.

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