Great Outdoors: 52nd Annual Arrowhead Home & Builders Show

It's one of the largest shows dedicated to gardening and remodeling for your homes.

DULUTH, Minn. – Thousands of people rolled into the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center (DECC) for the Arrowhead Home and Builders Show.

It’s one of the largest shows dedicated to gardening and remodeling for your homes.

For this week’s Great Outdoors we give you to a front row ticket to the Arrowhead Home and Builders Show.

The Arrowhead Home and Builders Show is in its fifty-second year and features the best of the best for home improvements.

Each year it’s something different for homeowners to get new ideas.

“The exhibitors that are here are experts in their own field,” said Show Manager Chris Navrati. “It’s a great place to come down, talk to the experts, talk to the manufacturers here and just find out what new products are out on the market.

If you’re into sprucing up your home, then Rock-N-Water Landscapes and DIWhy have you covered.

“It’s very soothing. It’s very meditating,” said Rock-N-Water Landscapes Jeff Graupmann. “It’s kind of a spiritual kind of experience for some people.”

It’s one way to bring nature to your landscape.

“You don’t have to leave your house, you can just enjoy your backyard,”

He says the trip from the Twin Cities to be at this year’s show was worth it.

“It’s kind of a different geographical location for us,” said Graupmann. “But it’s been very successful this year. we’ve had more people in the last two days than we’ve had at some shows in the cities for three to four days, so it’s been very good to us.”

Blackbox Container Studios develops homes, offices and cabins out of shipping containers.  Their creations were a big hit this year.

“People love learning and seeing new concepts and building,” said Shane Schaaf of Blackbox Container Studios. “They like to see actual product themselves that they can walk through and experience.”

People walked through the containers and got a sense of how modern they are.

“Every building and every structure we construct is designed and built for each client’s needs and specifications. some people need a permanent set up and some people are looking for just a recreational set up,” said Schaaf.

The Arrowhead Home and Builders Show was a five day event, that also included antique appraisals and seminars.

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