“The Harbinger” to Begin Shooting Next Week

Feature Film Is Being Produced at Ironbound Studios in Chisholm

CHISHOLM, Minn. – Last month, we told you about a movie set being built in Chisholm.

“The Harbinger” is expected to begin shooting on April 17th.

As the Veterans Films crew continues to prepare, they’re becoming more and more impressed with local Iron Range workers.

Stepping through the doorway that connects the Chisholm City Hall to Ironbound Studios is like stepping into another world.

The set of “The Harbinger” now fills the largest sound studio in North America.

“I think it really puts Chisholm and the Iron Range as a whole on the map for film and TV production and Ironbound Studios is here because we know it has the resources necessary to make great film and TV,” said Joel McGuire, President of Ironbound Studios.

The studio is dedicated to employing local workers while hosting high-quality productions.

“There’s a lot of need for jobs and we want to create opportunity for the community and having a studio here to facilitate that is a big benefit for not only production companies but for the community to get involved,” said McGuire.

“The Harbinger,” an upcoming movie produced by Veteran Films, is the first big project to come to Chisholm.

“It would have been cheaper to shoot elsewhere, it would have been more convenient to shoot elsewhere, but this was truly home for us and not only do we not have regrets, we’re looking forward to being back here again next year,” said Steven Reed, the Executive Director of Veteran Films.

Since our visit in March, the company has neared completion of their set consisting of nine interiors, a crypt, tunnel, and cave. And they’re doing it with a predominantly Iron Range Staff.

“We take everybody,” said Reed. “If you want to work, if you want to be an extra, a medic, any way you want to contribute, we’re taking everybody. This is a community project.”

They hope their success will pave the way for other productions to take advantage of Ironbound’s largely untapped resources.

“The biggest surprise I’ve had is finding very, very talented people locally that we had no connection with prior to this production,” said McGuire.

Shooting of “The Harbinger” is expected to last about seven weeks.

Veteran films now has an Indiegogo campaign to pay for the hiring of even more local workers.

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