Superior School District Speaks Out After Cooper Elementary School Fire

The district is waiting on investigation reports.

SUPERIOR, Wisc.- We’re learning new information about a fire at Cooper Elementary School in Superior that caused $1.5 million dollars in damage.

Many questions remain unanswered like if the new Cooper building will still open in time for the next school year as planned.

We know arson is not suspected and it’s believed the original fire started in a gym storage room late Sunday night on April 8.

School administrators tells us structural engineers are still on site and the insurance company will assess the damage.

School employees have been instructed to stay away from the scene, so investigators can continue to do their job.

District Administrator Janna Stevens says she first learned there was a fire through a text message.

Her initial reaction was shock and now the district is waiting on investigation reports.

“We did have a meeting with Kraus–Anderson yesterday and truthfully all of us are saying we have to wait until we find out the level of damage, insurance companies have to weigh in,” said Stevens. “There’s so many steps, so I don’t know what the timeline will be and the gravity of the work that we’ll have to do, so that’s all to be determined.”

Stevens says her only regret was not calling parents in the morning on Monday to let them know of the news in case they weren’t aware.

But parents were informed through Facebook, the school website and a call later in the afternoon.

“We’ve had a major bump in the road, but let’s take the calendars back out and look for when we’re going to complete the different projects now,” said Stevens.  “And once we have done that we’ll be able to communicate out to families whatever the delay might be and what that might mean for the new Cooper.”

School leaders say they’ll analyze the proper protocol to determine what they could have done better and hope to have more information by the end of the week.

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