Local Reaction On Speaker Paul Ryan’s Announcement

Since 2015 Paul Ryan has been the Speaker of the House.

DULUTH, Minn. – We caught up with Bill Miller a professor from the College of St. Scholastica for his reaction to Speaker Paul Ryan’s decision to not run.

Miller believes the amount of stress Ryan has been under may have led to his decision to leave Congress.

“I suspect that the pressures and the contention in the Republican caucus in the House and probably also the strained relationship he has with the President and his administration just ultimately came to be more than he wanted to deal with,” said Assistant Professor of History and Political Science Bill Miller.

He believes we may see a shift in leadership with democratic gains in congressional party leadership, maybe enough for democrats to take over the House Majority in the next congress.

Suggestions have also been made that Ryan’s departure could lead to other republicans also ending their congressional careers.

“Some people might think if he were interested in running for the presidency in 202 it might be better to move away from Washington a little bit and perhaps put some distance between him and President Trump so he might not have to deal with those issues,” said Miller.

Professor Miller went on to say Ryan will be one of about 30 Republicans not seeking re–election.

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